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"On the banks of the winding sawkill,
near the sound of the rushing falls.
There's always a home..."

Inspired by the first phrase from the traditional Red Hook welcome song, has been created as a digitalized parallel to the above mentioned HOME, and we hereby welcome you all inside!

In connection with the world wide crisis, even our beloved camps in Red Hook, Clinton and Stendis  have been impacted negatively and are facing general uncertainty. It has, therefore, become more crucial than ever, to establish a media through which, former alumni of Camp Rising Sun are able to re-/connect and help the camps as well as each other to further develop. has been created with the purpose of establishing a "one point reference" to everything there is to know about Camp Rising Sun. At you are able to find a thorough introduction to each of the three camps along with historic information about the campers and counselors who have defined caca-niqueis Camp Rising Sun for more than 75 years.

Rather than merely containing static content of historic value, also provides you with all the latest news about the three camps, the organizations behind them, fundraising initiatives, projects, alumni, and much more!

Furthermore, is introducing a Debate Forum. The intention with the Debate Forum is to inspire informal chatting as well as discussion about anything from the world situation to CRS specific topics as for instance fundraising and development ideas, within the alumni body.

Finally, in an attempt to aid and encourage development of local alumni organizations, is featuring a section about current alumni organizations as well as a 5 step guide on how to establish your own.

The original though of this combined CRS website/portal was conceived by Thomas Kampp during a visit to CRS in 2002, but was put on hold until it again was reviewed during the late night hours of CRSAAD (Camp Rising Sun Alumni Association of Denmark) new years congress 2009. Kasper Willemoes and Palle Højris quickly saw the potential and motivated the actual combined effort of creating what was later given the name

Happy Connecting,
Kasper Willemoes; '00 '01 / Denmark
Palle Højris; '02 / Denmark
Thomas Kampp; '96 / Denmark


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