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"The possibilities in CRSAA (Camp Rising Sun Alumni Association) are far greater than those in CRS.

-"Freddie," The Sundial; June 1947 

To ensure that the experience of Camp Rising Sun is not only a summer experience but stays with you for the rest of your life, many alumni have organised Alumni Associations upon their return to their home countries or states. CRS Alumni Associations provide fantastic possibilities of sharing stories, feelings and ideas related to CRS, with other people, who actually understand your way of thinking.

Throughout the world, more than a dozen Alumni Associations are established, and these are in charge of many activities and planning events for the alumni in their area.

All Alumni Associations are invited to write a short text (250-300 words) about their association, which can be posted on this webpage. Also pictures from Alumni Association meetings are welcomed. 

The person from your Association who wishes to be in charge of updating the information for your Alumni Association is kindly requested to contact the Moderators to get the permission to do so. If you have an Alumni Association, which is not listed on the left, kindly also contact the Moderators to ensure this be updated.



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